Grocery Store (after Damien Hirst), Cory Woodcock, November-December 2012

Second year, first term. The research I conducted for this project was based on my other projects this term, and involved looking closely at the work of Damien Hirst. I began my work by filling vials (the same sort as in the first work this term) with fresh produce, chopped (if necessary) to fit inside. It’s presented on a light table to allow the gorgeous colours to show through. After presenting the work to the class I continued to let the produce sit in the vials for the remainder of the month, allowing them to rot, decompose, etc. The final photo here shows the end product.

"Sniff ‘em", Cory Woodcock, September 2012

Second year, first term. The idea was to collect something, a group of things, and contain them somehow, without using the conventional ideas of what a ‘container’ is. My idea was to contain the smells of the everyday life, and so I recreated 9 smells and contained them in these tiny glass vials/bottles. In order from left to right: cloves, grass, garlic and onion, tobacco, air freshener, lavender, mouthwash, ??? and coffee.

the quiet room, Cory Woodcock, March 2012

First year, second term. The first project where I had more say in what I wanted to create, and the first project where my practice and subject come through. I built a large, 7’ x 7’ x 7’ room, three walls and a ceiling, and covered the inside with egg carton flats. The site-specific work was installed in a very quiet hallway. The room itself was meant to be used as an escape from the daily noise of everyday life. Once inside, the sound-proofing would allow an intensely quiet space for relaxation or contemplation.